Collection of Stickers for use on Email & Facebook

Free Xmas Gingerbread Stickers for Facebook Timeline, Chat & Email.

Lots of people love to bake at Christmas and making gingerbread seem very popular, especially with those in European countries but it's gotten popular in other countries now as well. Facebook Christmas gingerbread stickers showcase many different designs such as canes, moons, reindeer, and bears. These Christmas gingerbread stickers look almost good enough to eat! Christmas gingerbread stickers for Facebook can be posted on your wall to let your friends and family know that there's a batch of freshly baked cookies just waiting for them at your house!
Everyone loves this time of year so our designers knew that they had to come up with a massive collection of Christmas stickers for you all to enjoy. From traditional bells and trees to fun and cartoon looking Santa there are stickers to suit all kinds of people and their preferences. Christmas stickers can be added to your Facebook posts to make them look fun and bright. These stickers can be added to family invites for the special day.

How It Works?

Step 1: Browse thousand of free stickers by selecting categories. - Step 2: Pick sticker you like, then click Copy To Clipboard button. - Step 3: Insert cursor to email textbox editor, then press Ctrl-V (or Command-V if you're using Mac) - Make sure you enable WYSIWYG/Rich text format editor.

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